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Fish Skin Soup

I'm starting a new category of post for my aunts, uncles, cousins and relatives to see a bit of what I see in Taiwan.

This year I discovered fish skin soup when a sister in the church got some for my mom.

Kaohsiung is a seaport with an abundance of seafood, but growing up we never particularly sought it out because of all the fish bones, which we didn't know how to spit out as dexterously as the Asians, though we happily ate it when served.

Fish skin soup has no bones, and at 50 NT ($1.60) per bowl it's a great breakfast deal. Finish it off with a quarter of a pineapple and you will also stay regular ^o^

It must be fresh, if he's deboning it!
Grey gas tanks for cooking in the background.

Carefully ladling it into the takeout containers.

Complete with clams, and julienned ginger.

I think it's that cheap because these fish soup places are usually just tables and chairs under a roof with no door. I'm thankful to God for something so wholesome and delicious so cheap, though I wish I knew what to do about the risk of mercury. Read a news article saying the rich get mercury from fish while the poor get toxic chemicals from air-pollution and living closer to landfills. Kaohsiung's already got the air pollution!


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