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A Baptism in Hualian

My brother Jared and his wife Tracy live in Hualian and love working with Preacher Wang and his wife and the church in the nursing homes there.


On Monday, my brother immersed someone into Christ.

Further teaching afterward.

Sister Wang (pronounced Wong), the preacher's wife, wrote:

The new brother, Huang Tian Jin*, had been living in the nursing home for a few days. He attended our assembly a few times, and today at 7 AM Brother Jared taught him about the plan of salvation. He understood and was willing to be immersed, so Brother Jared immersed him. Thank the Lord we could have a part in this work of service. God bless.


新的弟兄名叫黃天金 剛住進老人之家養護科幾天。來參加聚會幾次 今天早上七點白傑瑞弟兄專程教導他得救的方法 他明白也願意接受耶穌當救主 白傑瑞弟兄幫他受浸了。感謝神 我們能參與這事奉工作 願神祝福

Brother and Sister Wang on the left. My brother and his wife on the right. The new brother in the middle.傳道人和他的老婆在左邊,我弟弟和弟媳在右邊,新弟兄在中間。

Brother and Sister Wang

Brother Wang and his wife have a real heart for the elderly in nursing homes. Almost every day of the week, unless some thing comes up, they are at the nursing home around 6 in the morning, helping to spoonfeed those who need it, and Sister Wang helps blowdry the residents' hair after showers. Sometimes they are able to have additional Bible studies, while on Thursday mornings they have a set Bible class with the residents.


Brother Wang preaches 3 times on Sundays, and for years it used to be 4 times until two nursing homes were merged this year:


* The 7 AM worship service at the nursing home. (They have to get there at 6 AM and wheel about 40 people in their wheelchairs from their various rooms on various floors. The preacher and his wife and the preacher's tireless brother and his wife and son and daughter, and my brother and his wife, and sometimes other members would also be available to help with this.)
7 AM 老人家的敬拜 (還要提早6:00到接每一個要參加的老人,約40位左右,從各樓各房間推輪椅到聚會場。王弟兄姐妹,王弟兄的不倦的弟弟合他的老婆合兒子女兒,我的弟弟合弟媳,而有的時候其他,都幫忙。)

* The 9:00 AM Bible class lesson at the church building.

* The 10:00 AM worship service at the church building.
教堂的 10:00 敬拜的課

(And there used to be an afternoon 3:00 worship service at another nursing home which ended this year when two nursing homes merged.)

These are all the people who attended the 7 AM nursing home worship service this last Sunday, about 40 of them in wheelchairs who were wheeled to the meeting place. About half of them are brethren; good down-to-earth Taiwanese people about to pass into eternity who have been reconciled to God.
上個星期天 7:00 老人之家的敬拜,約有40位做輪椅的,都要被推到敬拜場。一半是弟兄,跟神和好的台灣人。

The Hualian church has a 3-day summer camp each year. One of those days is spent in the nursing home for Bible lessons and activities with the elderly. Adults and children are both welcome. If you are interested contact Brother Wang at 0919923720.

花蓮教會每年辦三天的夏令營。其中一天我們一直在老人之家,有聖經課,還有機會跟老人互動。大人小孩都歡迎。有興趣的話通知王弟兄 0919923720

*The Chinese name Huang Tien Jin is the surname Yellow with the given name Heavenly Gold.


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