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That last post actually WAS written just after 11 PM and I pressed "publish" just after midnight ... in the teeth of a next day so packed with things to do I had tried to still my racing heart while writing out the schedule for it.

I am terrified of posting. I see my blog as a growing but finished book, so how can I post anything that isn't perfect and ready to go in a finished book? This is why I never post. Or but once a year.  

My blog is not a finished book. It is a draft in progress. If I ever want to make a book out of it, I can pick and choose and rewrite then.

Now, Lord willing, my blog will be broken pieces I've forced myself to post.

Heaven forbid I should bore anyone with posting just to post but I will post the smallest particle of perfection I can eke time for.

Which means, instead of a single post with all the pictures for a trip in one post written up as one article, I may have to post only one picture of the trip per day. Horrible for a book. But not bad if I was doing Tumblr.

I will probably be asking myself at 11 PM:

How many minutes can you spare to post something right now? 30?






What can you post in 10 minutes?

Can you post a sentence? What about 3 sentences?

Could you post a paragraph? What about 2 or 3 paragraphs?

Is there a single photo you could post?

Even if I originally wanted all three paragraphs together in one article, maybe I can just post it a paragraph a day. I can always re-post it re-mixed with new material as the concept grows in my mind.

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