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Transparency and Freedom

Transparency keeps you from being experimented on without your knowledge, and freedom gives you the power to make that transparency happen.


You can refuse to be injected with something until it is transparent enough to your liking for you to feel comfortable making a decision on it, AND it is a good enough product to persuade you to use it of your own free will.


When something is mandatory, when it is forced on you, it doesn't have to be good enough to win you over and pass your consent. I suspect that is true of almost everything in life. Think about that the next time you want the government to make a law about something.

當某些事情是強制性的時後,當它強強波你的時候,它不需要足以討你的喜悅而獲得您的同意。 我想生活的幾乎都是如此。 下次您想讓政府對某事制定法律的時時,請考慮一下。


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