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Roger Campbell Gospel Meeting Trip - Day 2

Jared and I went to the gospel meetings Brother Roger Campbell 甘罗杰 held around Taiwan. You can share these videos with any Chinese friends you have.

Thursday, 10 March 2011 (Day 2 of 6)

Roger Campbell preached some basic lessons (all in Chinese, with Brother Wang Yung Hsiung translating for him into Taiwanese) at two of the nursing homes in Hualien. The morning class can be seen here: Part 1 and Part 2

The afternoon class seems to have been somewhat of an extension of the Who Is Jesus? sermon, covering "Lamb of God", "Light of the World", and "Our Lord and God", and can be seen here: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

After the morning class, Brother and Sister Zao ...

... took Jared and I sight-seeing with our sister-in-law's sister, Justine! (who took half these pictures) ...

We had a fabulous lunch (alas not pictured), clams in almost every dish, and then they took us to see a milky lake in a misty grove by the mountains:

(first photo by Brother Zao and the second by Justine)

Back at their hotel Justine played the piano for us (though she never took formal piano lessons before) ...

... and showed us her photos of working as French translator for the building of a hospital in Ghana:

That night Roger Campbell spoke on "Recognizing the church of Christ" (all in Chinese):

After the lesson we got takeout for supper and took it back to the Wangs' house to eat with everybody. Brother Wang is the preacher for the church of Christ in Hualien and somebody started him telling stories of his childhood when he was still NOT a christian and very naughty. Since I love watching his wife Sister Wang laugh here is a short clip of one of the stories.

Brother Wang was telling how in the terribly hot summer, the neighborhood kids would sneak into the local fishpond to go skinny-dipping when the owner had gone home to rest. One afternoon the owner came back unnoticed and quietly took their pile of clothes away, before appearing again to confront them. They scrambled for their clothes, couldn't find them and had to race all the way back to the village stark naked, trying to stay hidden all the way.

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