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Roger Campbell Gospel Meeting Trip - Day 1

Jared and I went to the gospel meetings Brother Roger Campbell 甘罗杰 held around Taiwan. He's famous for his brilliant concise logic, never a wasted word it feels like. I finally got the first day of sermons up on youtube (see below). Unfortunately you must understand Chinese to enjoy them. Very sorry to everyone who doesn't speak Chinese. Or share them with your Chinese friends.

Pictures after the videos!

Wednesday, 9 March 2011 (Day 1 of 6)

Questions After the Meeting

... an informal discussion of music in the church:

A second informal discussion ... on miracles and faith healing:

I couldn't sync the sound on that last video, even though I was careful to put the time segment after the name of the file I was trying to cut. "-async 1" didn't work either no matter where I put it. If you can tell me what to do to keep it from happening again, please let me know in the comments. Here's the code I used in the command line:

ffmpeg -i input.MOV -ss 00:28:35.0 -t 00:08:18.0 -vcodec copy -acodec copy output.MOV

Now for the few good pictures I ended up with after finding out only after this trip that the smashed camera we had taken apart and fixed still seemed to be a cog off in the focus when zooming and affected some of the vids as well.

Here we are catching a quick bite with Tracy after taking the 5 hour train to Hualian:

Catching a quick bite late at night after the lesson and two discussions - Roger Campbell and Brother Zao who preaches in Taipei:

Brother Wu, my brother, and Dorcas:

Sorry Blanchard, I couldn't resist:

This next picture shows Dorcas and her parents, Brother and Sister Wang. Brother Wang not only preaches for the church there in Hualian but he also preaches every week at the two nursing homes in town and members of the church go 2 or 3 times a week to help care for the residents there. People are always coming and going in the Wang's lively home.

Not pictured: Sister Wu, Sister Zao, and my sister-in-law's sister

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  1. Thanks for the pics. Appreciate it. Hope to see you this year maybe in June in Spore and Oct. in Taiwan.

  2. Great pics, and I am sure great lesson, although I don't understand Chinese.
    M. Stewart

  3. Tasha,

    I know brother Roger Campbell real well! He used to preach in Cleveland, TN. He is a very good man! And an excellent preacher and teacher. If you see him again please tell him Art Wilson said hello!


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