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Hello Kitty Dolls, or All I Want Is My Time

It took me six hours to write that last post, lost in a haze of thinking, happy writing, looking up links and wrestling with pics. I got up at 6 and was only done with the post by about 12. Now I wish my brain worked faster but here's the point:

If I was a working girl, where would I have gotten the time to go on and write up my journal (1 hour), read Bible and write the articles it makes me think of (1 hour), answer urgent e-mails (1 hour), tackle urgent todo's and creative projects (the rest of the day), contribute a dish* to the lunch I get to eat every day with my cousin, aunt, and Gramma (2 hours), wash clothes, clean ONE thing, keep up with my workout and stay outside in the sweet Georgia air for 1 hour, spend 30 minutes a day learning one language after another, or read even 5 of the websites I want to keep up with and comment on and perhaps write an article in response (1 hour), learn to sew the clothes I crave that I can't find anywhere (1 afternoon), and what about having time for people, or a food garden? What about cutting everything off at 7 PM and watching a movie for two hours before going to bed so that I'm not typing on a creative high into the wee hours of the morning? Not to mention that when I get back to Taiwan I'll be teaching Bible (x hours) and taking my baby sister to the university library every day (2 hours). And I'm not even married with kids to homeschool yet.

I couldn't make it through half of that even with the whole day to call my own.

But feminists say I would be better fulfilled with my time tied up in an office organizing some company's paperwork or answering the telephone. They say at least I would have my own paycheck ... on my feet all day serving people junk food at fast food restaurants or working in a factory putting out Hello Kitty dolls (I'd rather break my back plowing).

I found Virginia's Woolf's diaries so boring I couldn't finish them, but one thing that impressed me was how much she got to sit around reading and writing all day. I don't think Rosie the Riveter was a step up for womankind.

* Hasn't happened yet. But at least I give killer head massages.

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  1. Thanks for the great head massages, and the article is great, too. As wonderful as it sounds, however (and it does sound wonderful), I'm not sure that sitting around reading and writing all day is exactly what God had in mind when he instructed us to be keepers at home. Thanks for the post.


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