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After 8 years away ... back in the USA .. Day 3

This trip was made possible by my dad (and beyond him all the people who sacrifice to keep us teaching Bible in Taiwan), who surprised me with a ticket to the States to go back and see my relatives whom I hadn't seen in 8 years.

Thursday, 16 September 2010 (Day 3)

At 10 AM we went for a short walk on the trail near their house ... Here is Uncle George saying hi to us as we set out ...

Joyce's photo

Joyce's photo

At my uncle's office ...

Joyce's photo

Riding back on the tailgate (do not try this at home) ...

Joyce's photo

Joyce's photo

... for lunch ...

Joyce's photo

... and laptopping ...

Then we drove the hour and a half to my Gramma's - Uncle George, Joyce and I talking the whole way. As soon as I got out of the car, my Aunt Jeannie hugged me tight and then said she thought that Gramma was waiting for me in the house. After hugging Gramma, the next thing I knew Keri, who had come in behind me, said, "Well, do I get a hug?" and squeezed me to her. Keri is the cousin who went with me to Scotland in 2001. Here we are talking afterward ...

Joyce's photo

Joyce's photo

Me and my gramma and cousin looking at the Chinese pastries Joyce brought:

Joyce's photo

Around the table over spaghetti ... they kept saying funny things, but I wasn't used to taking video yet ...

Joyce's photo

Joyce's photo

Gramma showed Joyce and me the movie August Rush that night.

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If you would like me to share with a ladies' class or a girls' class, pictures of what we do in Taiwan, and show how some of the Chinese characters are related to the ancient Bible stories, attesting to the historicity of the first 11 chapters of Genesis, and showing that the God of the ancient Chinese was the God of the Bible ... drop me a comment and I'll contact you next time I'm in the States.

If you would like to help me make future trips back to the States for reporting and visiting my relatives, you may send a check made out to CHINA MISSION FUND (and earmarked "For Natasha's Travel & Working Fund").

Church of Christ
P.O. Box 7341
Paducah, KY 42002-7341

Or if you would like to contribute to my father's work, which is far more important because it keeps us all teaching Bible in Taiwan, just omit the earmarking.

I do not get a salary. I live with my parents and teach Bible to 15 people a week. Sharing the Bible is my life. I would be doing this regardless of whether I was a missionary or not and I expect that I'll be startling some Bible students by popping off in the middle of a Bible discussion at the age of 90. But I have been very blessed to have my father, mother, brothers, and sister with me in Taiwan all these years. So contributing to my father's work ultimately helps me teach Bible as well.

Brother Jim Phillips is the preacher at the church that maintains the China Mission Fund for us. If you would like to call him, you may do so at 1-270-527-7580.


  1. Tasha, good post, the photos are so nice... part them are from me! :D

    I don't like my mouth being like that on the truck before the lunch photo, but I don't want you to delete it. Because I can accept this one as a normal life record!

  2. My sweet sister. Jason


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