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Learn English with the Gospel of John movie

This first video is the Gospel of John movie with English subtitles. 這是有英文字幕的約翰福音影片。

This second video is part 1 of the same movie with Chinese subtitles (you have to turn on the Chinese subtitles in the settings.) You can find part 2-20 on Youtube. 這有中文字幕的約翰福音影片的第1部(要安CC選中文字幕)。Youtube 有2到20部。

To learn English 為了學英文:

Open the Chinese version in one browser tab, and the English version in another tab. Listen to one sentence in the Chinese version, then hit pause and listen to the same sentence in the version with English subtitles.可以用一個瀏覽器分頁打開有中文字幕的影片。用第二個分頁看有英文字幕的影片。聽中文版的第一句,或幾句,就換英文版跟著說。

This is my favorite Jesus movie because it's word-for-word what is in the Bible. Very powerful. 這是我最喜歡的耶穌影片,因為是一句一句跟從聖經所寫的,就很有力量。


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