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News Commentary: American Apocalypse - The Government’s Plot To Destabilize the Nation Is Working. Article by John W. Whitehead.

I don't agree with the last sentence of that article. If anything it should read something like “Let the one foot in another country begin.” Did the early Christians join a revolution? No, they scattered, taking the gospel with them. (Acts 8:4)

Want scattering not to be such a hardship? Take baby steps before you have to. Are you retired? Even better. Research how you can volunteer to help teach Bible classes, taking students through a Bible course for instance, in other mission fields around the world for a few months at a time. Enlarge your comfort zone. It'll help stave off dementia. And you might even find that your retirement check goes further in another country.

Want to brush up on your Bible knowledge? Check out and WVBS. Even more ambitious? Go to Bible school. That'll really sharpen your brain.

Revolution just gives the government a chance to try out its most horrifying weapons. Keeping enough of your savings out of the country and feeling free to move to wherever freedom is, lets you vote with your feet.


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