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Sunday Photos

Ling's mom became a christian recently.

Tracy is that person who leaves the trail and comes back with something to cook. Here she picked some greens from somewhere outside our house for another sister after services.

Christine and her husband do the church bulletin every week. Here they are on the right. I teach their 3 beautiful children - a bookworm and two twins.

My mom and dad.

Joyce invited Tracy out to eat on her birthday. Ling and her mom, Jared, Candi and I went too.

This was a hot pot restaurant. Beside each table is a small gas tank on the floor hooked up to the burners:

Walking back after lunch.

Afternoon coffee in a tea cup.

Tracy and I went to the market so she could fix soup for supper. She seldom gets to cook at home.

I shot this video because even though I'm used to seeing live fish on the table (as kids my brother and I would stand at the fish stall waiting to see if one would flop off the table) this was the first time I was horrified to see live fish with their tails tied up to their mouths (just barely seen in the video) still breathing.

Tom Yam Soup

Tracy won.


  1. Tasha, nice pictures. Need more. :) - Jason

  2. It's always so nice to see pics of everyone! Miss you guys terribly.


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