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Bible Conversations

Every Tuesday and Thursday I go to exercise class an hour early and teach 3 - 4 ladies the Bible using English.

One thing we do at the very beginning is read a paragraph or two from Wesley Simon's Denominational Doctrines series, so that when they do get serious about christianity, they know they can't walk into the first group that calls itself christian unless the church is actually doing things according to the Bible, or what's the point in calling yourself a christian?

I think it was this paragraph we were reading the other week:

Now, let’s notice first of all that the Bible speaks of a falling away. See, this did not catch God by surprise. Old Satan is not dumb. Satan is very slick. For instance, in the garden, when God put Adam and Eve there, told them what to do, what not to do, I want you to notice Old Satan came along and what does he do? He changes God’s Word. That’s what he’s doing now with all these different religious groups. He’s changing God’s Word.


(Watch the whole lesson here.)

And to make it real simple I said, "Look, the fewer rules the better, right? Who wants more and more rules? But if we have too few rules society would descend into chaos. So God has already given us the perfect amount of rules, suitable for all generations and we can't add to or take away from that."


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