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Ferris Bueller 咪走堂的費利

Sorry to be forever bashing Ferris Bueller, but he's become a cult classic of supposedly maintaining your perspective in life, when all he did was skip out for a day and do to other people what public school was doing to him.

Here's my original take on the movie (seen around April 2008):

According to the movie Ferris Bueller's Day Out, the essence of freedom, what to do when you escape school for a day, is shaking your butt, lifting your skirt to the crowd, stealing someone's prized car, and stealing a meal (when he didn't need to).

Yes, schools can be the pits, but the answer is not evil for evil, taking advantage of other people just because school did it to you first.

And of course the typical nudity yawn, when girlfriend insists she's not embarrassed about their friend having seen her change her clothes. The same thing Julia Roberts spouts in the movie Notting Hill, "I don't understand why people get excited over boobs. Everybody has them. My grandmother has them." Let me know when you want your husband to stop getting excited about your boobs, Julia.

Excuse me, does any woman now living WANT her man to be BORED with her bust? That's hypocrisy, to say, "I want you over here to be excited with my bust, and you over there, my goodness, you must be a freak to like them."

(The solution is to let your husband see, and cover up for everybody else.)

And then Ferris stops mid-run home to emotionally cheat on his girlfriend. The filmmakers I suppose were trying to show his chutzpah, like once again the only way they know to illustrate freedom is with a dive for sex. Not Jean Pierre Hallet driving five hours after his hand got bitten off by a crocodile, and single-handedly (sorry for the pun) saving the pygmies. Not William Wilberforce singing Amazing Grace in the men's club, and his friend William Pitt becoming England's youngest prime minister at the age of 24. But Ferris Bueller cheating on his girlfriend.

Let us pause for a moment of silence (or shaking our butts) to honor Clinton, for he too had a lot of chutzpah.

All I can see in Ferris Bueller is a bunch of kids who never learned how to start living. Not in school and not when they escaped from it.


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