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Joyce and I go up to Taichung again

The church of Christ in Taichung were having a gospel meeting so Joyce and I went up and came back on the same day.

Joyce Yang's pic

Some of us went out to eat at a Mongolian Bar-B-Q before the gospel meeting, and Brother Grubb treated Joyce and I. I hadn't eaten at a Mongolian Bar-Q in years. (Thanks so much, Brother Grubb!)

Joyce Yang's pic

All-you-can-eat sashimi (raw fish)!

Raw fish is NOT called sushi. Sushi are rice roll slices which may or may not contain sashimi at all. 

I remember the first meal I ever ordered for myself at a Japanese restaurant, I was so disappointed to find it wasn't raw fish, and they said, "Oh you mean sashimi."

Joyce got a little too much wasabi with her sashimi.

Tracy and Ben

Hsiu-Lien and Coco after the meeting.

Tracy had fixed up a delicious little table of snacks.

Michelle (the preacher's wife), Hsiu Lien, and Coco

Hsiu-Lien, Tracy and Ben's grandmother

See Joyce's version of this day.


  1. I couldn't find another place to leave a comment, so I'll tell you on here that I'm really enjoying your sites! :o) I was just on Ozmatique looking at all your "fashion shots" of your bargain buys. Love 'em!!

    Hugs, cuz!



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